I Love this article about listening to your body so much that I had to re-post it on my blog! Thank you Jamie Greenwood!

Cake Or Kale? Listen To Your Body When It Comes To Food BY JAMIE GREENWOOD NOVEMBER 2, 2014 5:19 AM EST  Save article 113  Like 36 Tweet 18  Pin it 1  +1 0Stumble 10 Email 1 Comment You May Also Enjoy 4 Tips For Cooking Healthier & More Often Thinking about cleaning up your diet, but not sure how you’ll manage the extra cooking, food prep, and new eating rules in your kitchen? Don’t let the details stop you before you get started! I  Read  So what top foods should you eat right now? Whatever the heck you want. You were probably looking for a list of healthy foods to match up with your current eating plan, hoping for proof that you’re doing it right. Eating well. That you’re OK. In this dogmatic wellness world of “eat this, not that,” it’s so easy to get locked into a particular way of doing things, not because it necessarily Continue Reading →

Is it fresh? Is it real? How does it make me feel?

What to eat?  Wow can that be an overwhelming topic.  You wanna know the truth?  There is no one way to eat that is the “right” way.  Each person is genetically very different and has very different needs to function optimally.  What is good for one person may not be good for another. There is so much information out on nutrition. There is study after study coming out with claims for this or that and shelves full of books on different peoples opinions and what works for them. But is that right for you and how do you know? Here is my opinion and what makes sense to me.  It is all about finding your perfect formula and that comes from listening to your body. I think that if you look at all of the different styles of eating, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean etc.  there is a common thread that Continue Reading →